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Andhra University, Visakhapatnam - MBA (FT & PT) and MCA Admissions

MBA (FT & PT) and MCA Counseling Sessions 2004

All the eligible candidates with ICET-2004 Rank who have applied for admission into MBA/MCA courses of Andhra University Campus; at Visakhapatnam and A U Campuses at Etcherla (Srikakulam), Kakinada, Tadepalligudem and Vizianagaram and colleges affiliated to the Andhra University, are required to appear for Counseling and possible admission for the academic year 2004-05 as per the schedule given below. Separate admission memos. With all the relevant details, are sent to the candidates concerned. Those who have applied in time, but not received the Admission Memo, may also appear for the Counseling as per the schedule of this notification with all original certificates


  From To  
9th August 2004
8.00am All   NCC & SPORTS
10.00am All   CAP
11.00am All   PH
4.00pm All   ST
5.00pm     Only in service candidates (Executives applied for MBA (Part time) all categories
10th August 2004
8.00am 14 1019 All except ST
3.00am 1020 1780 All except ST
      1784 2574 All except ST
2.00pm 2577 3425 All except ST
12th August 2004
8.00am 3427 4791 All except ST
2.00pm 4792 5824 All except ST
13th August 2004
8.00am 5828 52731 SC-D All;SC-A all SC-B All, SC-C (W)
14th August 2004
8.00am 5828 7076 All except SC/ST
2.00pm 7081 8206 All except SC/ST
15th August 2004
11.00am 8228 9526 All except SC/ST
3.00pm 9528 11141 All except SC/ST
16th August 2004
8.00am 11146 52731 BC-A(W);BC-B(W)BC-C(W); BC-D(W)BC-A(B)
3.00pm 11146 12713 OC(W);OC(B)BC-B(B)BC-C(B); BC-D(B)
17th August 2004
12.00noon 14361 16179 OC(W);OC(B);BC-B(B) BC-C(B); BC-D(B)
3.00pm 16180 17838 OC(W)OC(B)BC-B(B)BC-C(B); BC-D(B)
18th August 2004
8.00am 17840 20312 OC(W)
10.00am 17840 52731 BC-B(B)
2.00pm 17840 52731 BC-D(B)
4.00pm 17840 52731 BC-C(B)
5.00pm 17840 20312 OC (B)
19th August 2004
8.00am 20315 39999 OC ALL
2.00PM 40000 52731 OC ALL
4.00pm     Counseling for unfilled seats, if any, in all categories


(B) - BOYS; (W) - WOMEN

Visakhapatnam		Prof.D.Ganapathi Rao		Prof.D.Pandurangarao
Date:31-07-2004		Co-Convener			          Convener



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